How Do You Know If You Are A Highly Sensitive Person?


If many of the statements below are true about you, then you probably are:

  • Noisy environments make me tense, irritable, or nervous.

  • I often get agitated or fatigued at airports, shopping malls, or super-stores.

  • Exposure to cell phones and WiFi causes me discomfort, such as burning eyes or tongue, headaches, agitation, memory lapses, sleep disruption.

  • I have chemical sensitivities and/or food allergies.

  • I often become severely fatigued, for no apparent reason.

  • I can sense the emotions of others easily, including animals.

  • I can often feel the body pains that other people are experiencing.

  • I often wake up and feel extremely anxious, for no apparent reason.

  • If someone has an anger outburst, it really jolts me, even if it's not directed at me.

  • I notice and feel many things in environments that other people don't see or sense.

  • I often feel aches, pain, or fatigue after I spend time with certain individuals or groups.

  • I often suffer from insomnia or disrupted sleep.

  • If I don't create enough quite time for myself, I get agitated, fatigued, or overwhelmed.

Super-sensitivity can be a tremendous asset or a major, joy-depleting, energy-sucking deficit in life. Whether you become the victim of your sensitivities or turn them into a valuable, life-enhancing tool depends largely on how you manage your body, your mind, your emotions, and your environments.